The COVID Effect

So I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that Covid19 has gotten me down.Its restricted so many things and has forced the cancellation of a few trips and events I was very excited about. Luckily the amazing theatre community in Coffs Harbour has banded together recently with Naidu Performing Arts Company to create couch concerts. A little way to keep everyone involved in the arts and have some sort of Creative Outlet.

I am lucky to have some extremely talented friends, a video camera, a green screen and some video editing skills. Together we entered two of the three couch concerts that have been performed thus far.

Couch Concert #2 our first one was Disney themed…. but instead of sticking to classic Disney, we went with parody Disney. Specifically the “Starkid” Musical “Twisted the Untold Story of a Royal Vizier” the story of Aladdin but told from Jafar’s perspective. We sang the song “Happy Ending” check it out below:

Couch Concert #3 was “Opposites Attract” sing something normally sung by the opposite gender. We chose the Broadway Musical “Wicked – For Good”.

Both of these performances have been a blast and have been an awesome creative outlet.
I encourage everyone interested in the arts to find something like this to keep you sane during these uncertain times.

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