Weight Loss Progress – Feb 2019

This year I looked at myself in the mirror and really hated what I saw, I felt constantly bloated and wanted to do something about it. (I’ve said it every year!) This year I wanted to get serious, I invested some money in getting an apple watch to track my fitness goals and more accurately measure my caloric burn, I started using myfitnesspal to track my food intake and invested in a decent pair of runners.

I started walking each afternoon doing a short walk with a high intensity hill (Muttonbird Island) before transitioning onto flat ground where I now aim to do a 5km walk/jog each day. I don’t aim to run the whole way, rather I just do short stints and try to improve my time with each walk. I’ve gotten friends and family involved to keep me motivated and I am starting to see results and I can’t tell you how much better I feel.

I am proud of what I have achieved in the last two months and can’t wait to see what March will bring!

Lewis Hackfath - Weight Loss Feb 2019

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