Lewis Hackfath
Aspiring Actor, Writer and Director
0418 658 916
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Australia 2450
Musical Theatre
Hairspray - Mr. Pinky & The Matron
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company2014
Anything Goes - Sailor
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company2015
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Assistant Director, Ensemble Cast Member & Featured Dancer
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company2015
Pirates of Penzance - Pirate & Ruth Understudy
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company2016
Jaq & The Green Pork - The Witch & Polly the Troll
Coffs Harbour Amateur Theatrical Society2018

I was asked to join the CHATS production of "Jaq and The Green Pork", 4 weeks before opening night by Director and Writer Maureen Burgess due to another cast member having pulled out. I was initially asked to fill only a small singing and dancing roll in the ensemble as "Polly the Troll". 3 days prior to the opening performance due to an unfortunate illness I was asked to fill in for the lead role of "The Witch" as well as completing the original ensemble role. I was able to learn the additional songs and dialogue prior to opening night and received very high commendation from the director.

It Takes a Village
Naidu Performing Arts Company2019
A Very Evil Cabaret
Naidu Performing Arts Company2020
Film & Video
Nexus - LARP - Short Film
McMillan Arts & The Obsidian Chronicles LARP2017
The Obsidian Chronicles El-Rah - LARP Promo Video
McMillan Arts, H.I.T Media Solutions, The Obsidian Chronicles LARP2017