Lewis Hackfath
Apiring Actor, Wirter and Director
Coffs Harbour, NSW
Australia 2450
Musical Theatre
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company
Hairspray - Mr. Pinky & The Matron

In Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Companies 2014 production of Hairspray I was cast in dual roles as Mr. Pinky and The Matron. This being my first ever stage production I was more than willing to accept this role and begin making my way in the world of musical theatre.

Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company
Anything Goes - Sailor
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Assistant Director, Ensemble Cast Member & Featured Dancer
Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company
Pirates of Penzance - Pirate & Ruth Understudy
Coffs Harbour Amateur Theatrical Society
Jaq & The Green Pork - The Witch & Polly the Troll

I was asked to join the CHATS production of "Jaq and The Green Pork", 4 weeks before opening night by Director and Writer Maureen Burgess due to another cast member having pulled out. I was initially asked to fill only a small singing and dancing roll in the ensemble as "Polly the Troll". 3 days prior to the opening performance due to an unfortunate illness I was asked to fill in for the lead role of "The Witch" as well as completing the original ensemble role. I was able to learn the additional songs and dialogue prior to opening night and received very high commendation from the director.

Reference from Maureen Burgess - received upon completion of the show.

To Whom It May Concern,

I first worked with Lewis in a local (CHMCC- Coffs Harbour Musical Comedy Company) production of “Hairspray”, in which I was Musical Director, and Lewis played the roles of Mr Pinky and Matron to great acclaim. I was so impressed with both his performance and his wonderful positive attitude, that I asked him to be my Assistant Director in a CHMCC production of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” the following year, a role in which he excelled whilst also being an inspiring and integral part of the ensemble.

In 2016 we worked together again, but this time both on stage, in the ensemble of “Pirates of Penzance”, and it was during this production that the true extent of Lewis’s talent and versatility came to light. Due to a sudden illness, and with only hours of notice, Lewis (in his early 20’s) took over the role of Ruth, the plain, middle aged nursemaid to Frederic. Lewis rose unflinchingly to the challenge, and played the role with all the energy and comic timing required.

Our most recent collaboration was in July/August 2019, when I had a casting problem whilst directing my self-penned Pantomime “Jaq and the Green Pork”. Once again Lewis came to the rescue, firstly filling a small singing and dancing role and then due to another severe illness (no, I’m certain there was no poison or plotting involved, just a lot of bad luck), Lewis took on a Principal role as well as the original smaller role. I can honestly say, I don’t know of anyone else who could have capably taken this on. 

Lewis is an incredibly fast learner, has an amazing, inspiring and uplifting energy, is a great mentor to younger and less experienced performers and is an absolute dream to Direct. He sings, dances, listens, takes advice on board, is unafraid of straying well out of his comfort zone, and is not too proud to ask for help or guidance. I would work with him any time and anywhere, and if he has the success I believe he deserves, I would drop everything to see him perform. He is a remarkable talent, and a beautiful human being, and I am absolutely certain that given the chance, his star will shine brightly.


Maureen Burgess

Film & Video
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